Be one of the first to experience the next-generation AI Operating System.


Be one of the first to experience the next-generation AI Operating System.

Be one of the first to experience the next-generation AI Operating System.

Be one of the first to experience the next-generation AI Operating System.


Smarter by Nature.™

Meet Genius™

Public Beta Preview on June 20, 2024

1pm ET / 10am PT / 7pm CET 


Meet Genius 

Your next-generation "Intelligence as a Service" for smart agents, multi-dimensional data and knowledge storage, and a comprehensive developer hub.

Genius is the world's first natural computing system modeled after a breakthrough in biological processes. Unlike the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence trained on enormous data sets that excel at pattern recognition and reconstruction, Genius utilizes nature-inspired biological processes to generate agents and collaborate to exhibit the dynamic behaviors of autonomous intelligent systems. This enables it to manage uncertainty and risk as it strives to create safe and sustainable environments at scale

From Artificial Intelligence to Natural Path. Join us in shaping the future together!


Safe Simple Scale Standards

Genius Agent

The Best Blend of Intelligent Agents

The Genius Agent, a fundamental element of our platform, combines classic AI with Active Inference models to interpret and interact effectively with its environment. Utilizing advanced techniques like Active Inference and Bayesian reasoning, it excels at modeling beliefs and making well-informed decisions. This enables it to execute optimal actions while maintaining homeostasis and managing uncertainty and risk.

Its highly adaptable architecture allows it to scale from performing simple tasks with single agents to handling complex cognitive operations with a sophisticated network of Genius agents. This versatility ensures that the Genius Agent is well-equipped to enhance your operations, streamline decision-making processes, and increase efficiency. Whether your needs are basic or require advanced cognitive capabilities, the Genius Agent is designed to adapt dynamically, providing tailored solutions to your unique business challenges.

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Genius Core

The Agent-Optimized Multidimensional Data Storage

Genius Core stands at the heart of our platform, designed from the ground up, redefining data storage and management for agents. It's an advanced, comprehensive solution designed to handle all types of data, including documents, vectors, and knowledge graphs. Far more than a mere storage system, Genius Core actively manages, organizes, and enriches your data, transforming it into strategic, actionable insights. Its user-friendly query language and intuitive interaction make it accessible to all levels of technical expertise, facilitating informed decision-making.

Developed for Agent applications, Genius Core is a multidimensional memory storage built from the ground up to suit agent-based operations ideally. It adheres to the IEEE p2874 standards, enabling sophisticated world modeling and handling of multi-dimensional data. This design philosophy ensures that Genius Core complies with Open Spatial Web standards and perfectly aligns with smart agents' needs.

Unlike traditional systems that repurpose graphics chips or other non-AI-specific components, Genius Core leverages the full potential of fully optimized technologies. This approach overcomes the limitations of standard vector databases and other conventional storage solutions, which were not originally designed for intelligent agents. By doing so, Genius Core ensures optimal efficiency and effectiveness in intelligent agent-driven data handling and learning processes, making it a pivotal component in the world of smart agent-based applications.

Genius Developer Hub

Your Ultimate Resource for Intelligent Agent Development

Welcome to the Genius Developer Hub, your essential toolkit for smart agent development. The Hub is a comprehensive development platform with intuitive APIs, tools, and SDKs that empower you to create, test, and deploy various applications using Genius Agents and Core. It offers a suite of powerful APIs and tools, coupled with intuitive SDKs, to streamline the development of sophisticated agent-based solutions. The Hub also provides detailed, easy-to-understand documentation catering to all levels of technical expertise. Furthermore, our advanced test environments rigorously assess the performance and reliability of your projects, ensuring top-notch quality.

The Genius Developer Hub goes beyond being just a toolkit. It enables you to craft agents with unique capabilities, integrating diverse elements like computer vision and various machine learning models. This unified framework supports the creation of complex agents with specialized memories, offering a versatile and powerful architecture for developing intelligent agent applications. Whether building on existing Genius components or innovating outside the box, the Hub equips you with everything needed to bring your visions to life.

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Timeline at a Glance

The Genius Beta Program, featuring Genius Agents and Core, is set to launch with a Research Beta in Winter 2024. Following this, the Genius Private and Public Beta will be unveiled later in 2024, offering enhanced functionalities.

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