Be one of the first to experience the next-generation AI Operating System.


Be one of the first to experience the next-generation AI Operating System.

Be one of the first to experience the next-generation AI Operating System.

Be one of the first to experience the next-generation AI Operating System.

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AI Assisted Order Picking




Without Dynamic Routing

Route Locations: 777
Distance: 2673m

Dynamic AI Routing

Route Locations: 198
Distance: 693m

AI Powered Robotics Routing without a "Forklift Upgrade"

Many customers want to add the power of AI routing to their environment but don't want to take on the significant costs associated with new applications, new hardware and new systems all while battling vendor lock-in.  The VERSES AI Routing Agent unlocks the power of AI routing for your entire environment.

30%+ Productivity

Powered by advanced AI, visual navigation and multi-lingual audio cues, WAYFINDER is the most intuitive app for empowering fulfillment professionals.

Fast Picks. Fast ROI.

30% Productivity Boost

Rapid Time to Proficiency

High Employee Acceptance and Satisfaction

Reduced Errors

Low CapEx and Rapid ROI

Optimal Routing and Pathing

Low-Impact Integration with any WMS

Fast Implementation

Visual Navigation and Audio Cues

Spatial Analytics and Dynamic Slotting

Human and Robot Collaboration

Mixed-Reality Experience

Spatial Analytics.

WAYFINDER Dashboard unlocks hidden patterns and opportunities to improve workflow.

Spatial Heatmap

3D Visualization

Smart Digital Twin.

Augmenting humans in Pick and Pack warehouses is just the beginning. Connecting atoms and bits leads to unprecedented visibility, control and automation of any operation.

Predictive Slotting Optimization

Smart Replenishment

Automated Put-away

Dynamic Routing

Robotic Pallet Truck Picking

Virtual Conveyance

CV based Inventory Control

Supply Chain Provenance

Deeper 3rd Party Integration

Fleet Management

The Future is Bright.

Augmenting humans is just the beginning. Underlying WAYFINDER is a common grammar for space that enables Industry 4.0 technologies like robots, drones, cameras, sensors, AI and blockchain to work in concert, unlocking incredible value

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How does Spatial Order Picking work?

WAYFINDER converts text-based instructions to spatial “holographic” instructions. Think of it like 3-Dimensional GPS.

Which Warehouse Management Systems do you support?

We are constantly developing adapters – sign up to our newsletter to stay informed on new integrations.

How long does an integration take?

An integration can range from 1-3 months depending on the specifics of a warehouse operation.

How fast is Return On Investment?

Low Implementation costs + radical efficiency gains means ROI is measured in months not years.

How do you handle data privacy and security?

WAYFINDER integrations are very light and require minimal information.

What hardware do you support?

WAYFINDER is hardware agnostic and we support smartphone (iOS and Android) as well as mixed reality (Magic Leap and Hololens).

Let's build a Smarter World.